Jack, was born and raised in Cornwall. Much of his work revolves around natural light and beauty of the Cornish coastline, creating beautiful fine art images that portray the power of the ocean and the stunning landscapes of the county.

Graduating from Falmouth University with a First Class degree in Marine and Natural History Photography, Jack has exhibited in Bristol M-Shed (WildScene) and Cornwall   (M O R D O N). He now divides his time between photography, surfing and music.



"There is haunting beauty in each of his photos he captures not only the raw essence of the landscape, but the rich cultural history many of these sites are entwined within. Devoid of humanity in the majority of his natural work, Matthews offers a a glimpse into a world untainted by modernity. Beaty is a perhaps a granted term within each of his pieces; but elegance, rugged mastery is not. The shots encapsulate a landscape, but are poised before a moment of radical change. He preserves the Cornish countryside in a way it should be remembered."

- Imogen Sykes





  © Lorna Ellen Faulkes

© Lorna Ellen Faulkes

All images copyright,  © Jack Matthews  All rights reserved.